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Initially there was nothing. And the idea was born to structure all bookmarks by resources for a designer that have accumulated over the past 10 years. Remove unnecessary and repetitive, reduce as much as possible. The task was the same: to create a convenient web resource for this list of useful bookmarks. Also create a corporate identity. At the same time, it was necessary to create a YouTube channel and related social networks. Complete art direction of the entire project from idea to implementation.


The main difficulty was to simultaneously collect all directions into a single convenient concept: corporate identity, website, bookmark resource itself, YouTube, video production. There was also a rather difficult task to create the resource itself convenient and easy to use.


Several large companies such as State Farm and American Family were taken as the basis for the decision making and final development of the site. After analyzing their sites, the decision was hidden to simplify as much as possible, leaving only the necessary information that the potential client needs.


All design elements have been worked out, from the logo to each individual icon. After analyzing similar sites, we came to the conclusion to add the main services of the company on the main page. The emphasis was and the challenge was to create application forms, making them simple and understandable for the end user. I removed the extra fields and left only the main ones.


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